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Gettysburg Military Park

“OMY is easy to work with. I appreciate that they are willing to arrive on site early to start testing by 7 am to accommodate our crews schedules.  Once onsite and hooked up they are self sufficient.”

Human Resource Specialist Dynamet Inc. and Carpenter Powder Products

“The staff at OMY made the process of initiating mobile hearing at multiple facilities very easy.  The professionalism of the entire staff and ease of scheduling will have us back year after year.”

Health and Safety Manager at Ashley Furniture

“As a Health and Safety Manager, Hearing testing can be stressful, OMY takes out the stress.  With OMY I know that my records, testing, and employees will be taken care of.  If you are looking for a mobile agile hearing testing company, there is really no other company to call.”



As experts in onsite medical testing and OSHA requirements, we ensure that employees are safe and companies are compliant.


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PA, NY, CT, NJ, MD, DE, VA, WV, & OH, and the District of Columbia. If you have a facility outside of these areas, call us and we can accommodate your needs.


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Our digital files are backed up daily to an off-site location;  our paper files are backed up weekly and kept in a fireproof safe.


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Contact us today to get a quote.  Switching to OMY is easy.  Data can be sent to us electronically or we can enter it by hand – at no extra cost.

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Fit Test: Don’t Let Anything Come Between You and Your Respirator

From fall through spring, there are many temptations to let your facial hair grow out: from No-Shave November to playoff beards. Even Santa Claus gets to let his beard grow long for work. While OSHA could probably find a few reasons to cite Santa’s North Pole...

Forklift Operators, Safety Managers and Mobile Medical Testing

For employees who operate a single machine or remain at their workstation for the majority of their shifts, it is relatively easy to calculate their noise-level exposure with sound maps or risk assessment. However, there are positions within warehouses and other...

Turning OSHA-mandated Testing into a Competitive Advantage with Mobile Medical Testing

For employees, OSHA-mandated testing is a way to maintain a safe, injury-free workplace. For employers, it’s the same – because safety is always a priority – but it is also be the cause of significant stress due to the time, productivity and, of course, financial...

Meeting You Where and WHEN You Work: Shiftworkers

It will come as no surprise to shiftworkers to say that we live in a 24-hour, always “on” world. Production starts early and the last crew leaves late, and it’s not uncommon for facilities to be in operation twenty-four hours per day, 365 days per year. Whether your...

Creating a Sound Map in Five Easy Steps Using a Smartphone

At OMY, we suggest that companies create a sound map (sometimes referred to as “noise diagrams” or “noise” maps) of their facilities. If you’re not familiar with sound maps, they’re exactly what they sound like: hand-drawn, birds-eye-view maps that indicate the...

What We Talk About When We Talk About Audiometric Testing

Audiometric Testing is more than just a simple hearing test. When multiple years' worth of test results are considered against each other, a detailed picture of an employee's hearing will emerge. These results can indicate that an injury has already occurred or...

Music in the Workplace: Are Headphones and Speakers Worth the Risks?

If you listen to a few hours of day-time radio, you will likely hear advertisements to the effect that listening to the music at work can help the day go faster. We're not going to challenge that notion, but would ask managers and safety directors to consider the...

Five Ways that Positive Audiometric Test Results can be Used to Improve Workplace Safety

Imagine that OMY has just administered Audiometric Tests to your staff as part of your larger commitment to workplace safety and zero recordable Standard Threshold Shifts have been detected. This is great news! Congratulations on maintaining a safe work environment...

Workplace Determination and Standard Threshold Shifts: Five Things Employers Should Know

As an employer, you are concerned with the safety of your employees, so you hold safety meetings and make sure that they have access to the proper protection - and that they are trained to use them correctly. This can make it even more distressing when Audiometric...

Employee Health and OSHA Testing: What Employers Need to Know

Employee health – particularly during cold and flu season – can create several unique challenges for OSHA-required testing. Head congestion, sinus infections and ear infections can all trigger Standard Threshold Shifts during Audiometric Testing. Accordingly,...