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“An Important Piece of Paper”

Do you have employees who wear a respirator? If so, do you have a written medical clearance onsite that states they are healthy enough to wear that respirator? That’s a very important piece of paper! Wearing a respirator puts a heavy burden on the cardio-respiratory system. Are you sure that your employee is medically able to wear that respirator? Learn More+

Chemically-Induced Hearing Loss

Although it doesn’t get a lot of attention, there is another very dangerous way that your employees can lose their hearing. We are all aware of the dangers of high noise, but are you aware of the potential danger of ototoxic chemicals? Learn More+

Firearm Use and Hearing

The use of firearms for hunting or target practice is one of the most common sources of exposure to non-occupational noise and represents the most serious threat to hearing of all leisure activities. Unlike loud continuous noise that can cause a gradual hearing loss over a long period of time, firearm noise can cause instantaneous loss with as little as one exposure.Learn More+

WPD’s Workplace Determinations for Recordable STS’s

OMY’s technicians are the first to notice an STS while testing your employees in our mobile trailers. If time permits, they will retest the employee immediately to verify/confirm the first test. The employee will be instructed in his/her notification letter (given to the employee as they exit the van) Learn More+