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Audiometric Testing and Reports

Audiometric Testing is done onsite at your facility in one of our mobile units. Our audiometers get an exhaustive calibration yearly, and our vans and trailers are well-maintained, clean and quiet. OMY’s support staff is always available to answer any questions or concerns that you might have about your employees’ results.

What Your Employees Can Expect



When your employees arrive at our trailer, they will be greeted and signed-in by our support staff. Next, they will either view a film or receive a hand-out that will fulfill the “training” portion of the Hearing Conservation Amendment (29 CFR 1910.95).

They will then move into the booth for the hearing test. When they leave our testing vehicle, they will receive an easy-to-understand letter that explains the results of their test. These letters can be provided in English or Spanish.

What You Will Receive From Us

After the testing, we compile, compare and review the results, and you can usually expect to receive them within a week. If needed, we will call you to go over the results and any follow up that might be required. The results are stored as PDF files on a flash drive.

You will receive the following reports:

– Individual employee letters

– Statistical Summary Report

– Standard Threshold Shift Report (STS)

– Individual Comprehensive Reports (for employees with a Recordable STS)

– Data Listing

– All Biological System Checks and Our Sound Levels

– Employee Sign-In Sheets and Training Documentation

Employees with a Standard Threshold Shift (STS)


The employer has 30 days to retest the employee to confirm the shift before they are required to place them on their OSHA 300 log. If the retest confirms the original shift or if they do not retest within the 30 days, then they will have to list the employee. Employees who experience confirmed STS’s can be reviewed by an audiologist to do a workplace determination. Should an audiologist or medical physician specializing in Occupational Medicine deem the loss as “non-occupational,” the employee can then be lined off of the log.


Employees with an OSHA-Recordable Hearing Loss



Do you have employees with an OSHA recordable hearing loss?

If so, and you are one of our clients, we can now do Workplace Hearing Loss Determinations. Ask us about this service. We think you’ll find it very helpful. You will need to interview your employee and ask him/her a few questions and then send that information to us. We use the questionnaire, along with a detailed audiometric history of medical and testing data. An audiologist or medical physician specializing in Occupational Medicine can then make a recordability determination for you.

If your employee is found to have a hearing loss that is not attributable to workplace noise, then you can line him/her off of the OSHA 300 Log.


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