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Mobile onsite testing saves time, increases productivity and ensures a safe work environment.

We realize that OSHA testing is nobody’s favorite thing to do, so as a mobile medical testing company, we strive to be wherever – and whenever – companies need us. Our fleet of clean, efficient and reliable testing vehicles are capable of testing up to 8 employees at a time and up to 24 employees per hour. Because OSHA testing is often required to occur during work hours, we help companies minimize downtime and loss of productivity by bringing our mobile testing vehicles to you. All of our vehicles are well-equipped and maintained, and they all conform to OSHA’s guidelines.

Here are five reasons why companies should never send employees offsite for testing again:

1. Save Time and Minimize Downtime

With mobile onsite testing, employees only have to leave their posts for as long as it takes to complete the testing – approximately 15-20 minutes for Audiometric Testing, 15 minutes for Respiratory Fit Testing, 10 minutes for Vision Testing. With OMY, an employee can receive all of his or her testing in about an hour while sending the same employee offsite for even a single test often leads to at least a half-day of work lost per employee. Multiply that time-loss by the total number of employees spread over numerous days, and the productivity hit can be devastating.

2. 24-Hour Availability

OSHA testing is often required to be completed during work hours, and for employees who work night-shifts, this is clearly problematic. In your local area, there might not even be a facility capable of administering the tests that is open at that time. OMY’s testing services can be scheduled to accommodate any shift causing minimal disruption to the employee’s shift, day or night, 24/7.

3. One Source, Uniform Information

When the test is performed, compiled and reviewed by one company, the process becomes streamlined and HR managers and safety directors can quickly assess which tests have been completed and which tests are still outstanding. Sending employees offsite for testing can result in a variety of scheduling conflicts, delays and a frustrating trickle of test forms from multiple doctors and technicians.

4. Confidence in Professional Testing

Relying on a single, mobile company like OMY for your testing gives you the confidence that comes from knowing that all of your employees were tested under similar circumstances in a professional manner. Additionally, our helpful technicians are available to guide your employees through the testing process, and they are available to help you interpret the results if you have any questions or concerns.

5. Multiple Tests in One Session

Many industries require employees to receive multiple tests. Whether your employees need Audiometric, Respiratory, Vision, Drug Screenings, or any combination of those tests, OMY is uniquely positioned to meet your testing needs. We encourage companies to schedule multiple tests simultaneously to minimize their employees’ downtime. OMY reduces this time-loss drastically by being a one-stop shop for testing that comes to you. One possible configuration includes administering Vision tests in a conference room while Audiometric and Respiratory tests are performed in our mobile testing units. (Drug screening is primarily conducted at our office in East Berlin, PA, but for larger collections we can arrange to do it at your site).

Tell us about your company’s testing needs, and we will provide a professional and efficient mobile onsite testing solution. We schedule clients on a first come, first served basis, so don’t hesitate to call us to ensure that you get the date and time of your choice.