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Hosting an onsite health fair can have numerous benefits for your employees and even boost your company’s overall productivity. During health fairs, our technicians can provide hearing, vision screening, and pulmonary tests for your employees in addition to other basic services like checking their blood pressure and weight.

Health fairs are an ideal opportunity to educate workers and identify potential risks, such as diabetes, that could otherwise go unnoticed.

The best part is that with OMY, onsite health fairs are really easy to host. Just tell us how many employees you expect to participate, and we take care of the rest.

Here are five positive benefits of hosting an onsite health fair with OMY.

1. An onsite health fair promotes health and safety

Hosting an onsite health fair is a way for a company to demonstrate its commitment to its employees’ health and maintaining a safe work environment.

2. Prevention is the best medicine

Health fairs are a unique opportunity to identify potential health risks before they develop to the point where they affect on-the-job performance.

3. Above and beyond

Employees respond favorably when employers go above and beyond, and a boost in morale often equates to a boost in productivity.

4. Won’t disrupt daily operations

Because the health fair is at your own facility, there is little-to-no loss of workflow.

5. Employee benefit plan

Annual health fairs can be included as part of an employee benefits package along with the usual health, dental and vision plans.

Contact us today to get a quote and take an active step towards creating a healthier work environment. Health fairs can be held in conjunction with other testing that you need to firmly demonstrate your commitment to your employee’s health and a safe workplace.

We schedule clients on a first come, first served basis, so don’t hesitate to call us to ensure that you get the date and time of your choice.