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Mobile Medical Testing Services in Delaware

Since 1989, OMY Mobile Medical Testing has provided a variety of Testing and Screening services that are designed to keep Delaware workers safe and Delaware businesses in compliance with federal regulations. Our mobile units minimize loss of productivity by testing employees at your own facility rather than sending them offsite. We can test up to 8 employees at a time – up to 24 employees per hour – and we can be scheduled for any shifts that your employees work – day or night – because we’re on the road for you. We provide onsite Audiometric Testing, Respiratory Clearances, Vision Testing, Drug Screening and Health Fairs for Delaware businesses like yours.

Audiometric Testing and Reports

Audiometric Testing is done onsite at your facility in one of our mobile units. Our audiometers get an exhaustive calibration yearly, and our vans and trailers are well-maintained, clean and quiet. After the testing, we compile, compare and review the results, and you can usually expect to receive them within a week. The results are stored as PDF files on a flash drive – no more messy binders or stacks of paperwork. OMY’s support staff is always available to answer any questions or concerns that you might have about your employees’ results.

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Respiratory Clearances and Fit Tests

Respiratory Clearances consist of a pulmonary function test, a blood pressure test, a (required) OSHA questionnaire, and a written respirator clearance for those who qualify. We perform the tests onsite at your facility in one of our mobile units. We also conduct Respiratory Fit Tests to ensure that employees who are cleared to wear respirators are wearing them properly.

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Vision Testing

Vision Testing can be done at your facility either in one of our mobile units or we can bring our equipment inside your facility and set up wherever there is adequate space, typically in an unused conference room. The results of the tests will be sent to the employer to distribute to the employees.

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Drug Screening

OMY Provides Drug Screening services for both DOT and non-DOT testing. The Drug Screening process is highly regulated, and we maintain a complete chain of custody from the time of collection until it is sealed and initialed by the employee.

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Health Fairs

Hosting onsite Health Fairs is a simple – but effective – benefit that companies can offer their employees, and it is a valuable opportunity to boost morale by surpassing federal regulations. We can typically provide hearing and pulmonary tests in addition to other basic services like checking blood pressure and weight.

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