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Respirator Clearances and Reports

Respiratory Clearances consist of a pulmonary function test, a blood pressure test, a (required) OSHA questionnaire, and a written respirator clearance for those who qualify. We perform the tests onsite at your facility in one of our mobile units. We use ndd EasyOne Spirometers, which incorporate an ultrasonic flow of air in and out of the patients’ lungs. These machines are accurate, reliable and hygienic. Our support staff is always available to answer any questions or concerns that you might have about your employees’ results.

What Your Employees Can Expect

In order to meet the Respirator Standard, OSHA requires employees to complete a detailed Medical Evaluation Questionnaire, which employers are not allowed to look at or review. The questionnaire guides employees through a series of questions covering everything from detailed information about their current respirators to their personal medical histories. Depending on employees’ answers, the Physician or Licensed Health Care Professional (PLHCP) may require follow-up tests, consultations and/or diagnostic procedures.

The questionnaire must be given during work hours, so it is important to choose a testing company that can come to your location and work quickly and efficiently. Our forms are available in English and Spanish.

What You Will Receive From Us

Because employers are forbidden from seeing the results of the questionnaire and exams, OMY technicians can assist employees if they have any questions. We are also equipped to store and fax/e-mail results to your company physician providing that the employee signs a medical release form. If you have a medical department with a nurse or physician, then OSHA allows you to keep the results on your premises. It is important to choose a health care professional that is competent and organized because they will be responsible for storing all of the paperwork that goes with a respirator clearance (PFT graphs, questionnaire, etc.).

With OMY, you will receive the confidence that comes with knowing that your company is operating in full compliance with OSHA regulations.

Our Respirator Clearance Policy

Respirator use places a physical burden on the wearer so medical exams are required to determine whether or not an employee is fit to wear one. In response to the Respiratory Protection Law (29 CFR 1910.134), OMY has the following policies regarding Written Respirator Clearances.

Requirements for a written respirator clearance will be the following:

Minimum for OMY Clients: Pulmonary function test, blood pressure, and pulmonary history. Anyone with an abnormal PFT, blood pressure, or positive medical history will be required to have a hands-on physical. This is for the safety of the worker, and the liability of the company and our doctor.

As per 29 CFR 1910.134, the Pulmonary Function History Form must be filled out in its entirety by the employee. If not, the form will be sent back to the company for completion and a Respirator Clearance will not be issued until OMY receives the completed form. This medical history form is an OSHA requirement.

Results: As per 29 CFR 1910.134 – Your company will receive only the Written Respirator Clearance informing them as to whether the employee is cleared to wear a respirator, approval is pending, or the respirator is for emergency use only. The clearance will tell the company the length of time for which the clearance is valid (usually one year).

The company will also receive a copy of the written respirator clearance to give to the employee. For any abnormal results, the company will receive medical records in a sealed envelope to give to the employee. These records will be accompanied by a Respiratory Clearance Results Release Form. OMY will keep all medical records on file.

Fit Test

OMY conducts Fit Tests to ensure that employees who are cleared to wear respirators are wearing them properly whether they are wearing a simple dust mask or a fully-hooded oxygen tank respirator. When an employee enters the mobile unit for the test, we will ask them to put on their respirator as they typically would, and then we place a hood over their heads. The hood is then aspirated with saccharine or bittrex vapor, and if the employee is able to detect the sweet or bitter “taste” of the vapor, then we can conclude that the respirator mask is not properly fitted. We can conduct one respirator test every 15 minutes. Fit Tests are only offered to companies where OMY is already conducting Pulmonary Function Testing and the employee has been medically cleared to wear the required respirator.

Per the OSHA standard 1910.134: Fit Testing Procedures, we can only conduct fit testing on employees who are clean shaven.