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WPD’s Workplace Determinations for Recordable STS’s


OMY’s technicians are the first to notice an STS while testing your employees in our mobile trailers. If time permits, they will retest the employee immediately to verify/confirm the first test. The employee will be instructed in his/her notification letter (given to the employee as they exit the van) that there is a standard threshold shift (STS). This letter will explain the results to the employee in easy to understand language.


Any employee who still has an STS after OMY is finished testing should be sent out to a local medical facility for a retest. Please send the results to us and we will recalculate and let you know if your employee still has an STS. You will receive letters for those retested employees explaining their tests (no matter who does the retests), along with new STS reports. (Or, you can call us to schedule the mobile testing trailer if you have many employees who missed the initial testing or have STS’s)


If, after retesting, you still have a recordable STS, please call us and we can proceed with a Workplace Determination (WPD). This is an in-depth review of an extended Workplace Determination Form and all the employee’s past audiometric data and medical/recreational history. A physician will review everything and make a written determination as to whether that employee’s hearing loss is due to workplace noise, non-occupational noise, or a medical problem.


We will send you a WPD questionnaire. Please record your employee’s responses to the questions on this form and have them sign it. Pay attention to the fact that you must include the background sound levels that the employee works in AND the NRR (noise reduction rating) on his/her hearing protection. The doctor will not do the determination without this information as it plays a vital role in his decision-making. When the form is completely filled out, you may then scan and email it to us. The completed questionnaire and the employee’s complete audiological history is then forwarded to our audiologist for review.


Based on that review our doctor will issue a signed workplace determination indicating whether the STS is a result of a workplace noise induced hearing loss, a medical problem, recreational noise, etc… The determination will be emailed to you in a PDF format. This WPD indicates whether the hearing loss is recordable on your OSHA 300 Log or not.


Please call us if you are interested in this service and we will forward the Workplace Determination Medical Questionnaire to you.